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Signature Birch Chelsea


Brand: Grow Books Press

Title: Chelsea

Introducing our "Signature Birch" collection of lille huset. Based on our very first line of classic houses this version is mostly made from baltic birch.

Chelsea is more than a house she is a beautiful building that is actually a two flat. She has so many stories to tell about the lovely people who live in the flats, and all of the special touches they make to their special homes. Each and every building on the street looks just alike but if you catch a peek into the windows you will see something special in each one.

This house packs flat for easy storage. The front, back, floors and roof of each house are made from baltic birch and is meant to be reused. All of the paperboard pieces are the walls so you can still color on them and customize them yourself!

Each house kit comes with house components, DIY design ideas book and portfolio package that is also an activity sheet to compliment your house.

recommended for ages 3 and up 100% Made in the USA, printed green, sustainable doll house.

Size: 18 inches tall x 18 inches deep

This product is made to order, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Thank you.