Our staff

When bringing together a group of creative people there is only one way to describe all of us:

It is the story of a little girl named Tess (who is probably just like you and me).
Tess loved to make things, anytime, anywhere, and with anything she could find.
People would always tell her that she was so good at making things from nothing,
so she kept on. As she grew so did her passion for sewing, cutting, gluing, and
weaving together the story of her life, from everything she touched.


Alyson Beaton is the owner and Creative Director of Lille Huset. She has always found inspiration in the world around her. It wasn't until architecture school that she found her true love in the field of design. She found herself carefully crafting tiny buildings and imagining a world that could exist. It wasn't until after college, when she had an opportunity to travel, that she fell in love with cities. She traveled around Europe watching, sketching and experiencing how magical you can feel when your backdrop is centuries old. One day on a quest to see one of the most famous buildings designed by one of the most famous architects, tucked away in what seemed the most beautiful French countryside on earth, it dawned on her that this quest was in vain. She realized at that moment that the most beautiful architecture, in her mind, are the places where real people love to live and call home, each with his and her own story. This is truly the inspiration behind the company and why she loves to make little houses for little kids based on the magical and beautiful real world.
Before launching Lille Huset she completed her MFA in design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and subsequently published several works including: Her MFA thesis "Sunny" and "Consumed", "The Business of Holidays" (co-authored) and edited by Maud Lavin, First Word Cards, Baby Book, "Grow: An Environmentally Friendly Book", and most recently "Imagine Your World". All of her works can be found sprinkled around the globe in small batches.


Freelance Illustrator: Rachel Coulter is a freelance creator living in Chicago. She likes all of, but not limited to, the following: dollhouses & teensy dollhouse furniture, snake skins, especially those shed from her ball python Maynard, Native American fashion, Etch-A-Sketch portraiture, mixing patterns and colors, wearing holiday thematic clothing, and her sister. She resides in the Logan Square neighborhood and enjoys smelling the nearby bread bakery when she takes out her recyclables.

Marketing and Graphic Design Intern: Mallory Hawes: is currently a graphic design major at Columbia College Chicago. She previously interned at Ralph Lauren and studied design for a semester in Amsterdam. She will be receiving her BFA in May 2013.