Imagine Your World

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All systems man-made and natural share a common overall form and function. It is this systemic form that binds us all together as inhabitants of this planet. “Imagine Your World” is a zero waste activity set that entices young imaginations to go out and explore, draw, collect, write, discover, and ultimately imagine the future of our world. For all kids in all cities!

6 compostable posters include: discovering your world, exploring your community, retreating to your home, cultivating a garden, love and wonder about your family, sharing and preparing a meal. 

100% Compostable or Recyclable, hand made in Chicago, IL, Grow Books Press © 2011 

By Alyson Beaton in collaboration with KJ Bradley. When you complete your sheets you will get FREE prizes from us!

Click here for Resources and Fun Projects to do alongside your activity sheets.